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Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance

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Tolerance for risk is a key consideration in determining your probable level of comfort with varying investing choices.
1. What is your current age?
 Less than 25
2. Goal and Expectations
 Capital Appreciation
 Regular Income
 Capital Appreciation and Regular Income
 If any other specific goal please specify goal (required)
3. Proposed Investment Amount
 < 1 lacs
 1-3 lacs
 3-5 lacs
 > 5 lacs
4. Preferred Investment time horizon
 Less than one year
 1 year to 3 years
 More than 3 years
5. Short term Risk Attitudes
A. Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes about the next three years performance of this investment?
 I don't mind if I lose money
 I can tolerate a loss
 I'd have a hard time tolerating any loss
 I need to see at least a little return
(B. Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes aboutthe next three months performance of this investment?
 Who cares? One calendar quarter means nothing.
 I wouldn't worry about losses in that time frame
 If I suffered a loss of greater than 10%, I'd get concerned
 I can only tolerate small short-term losses
 I'd have a hard time accepting any losses
6. Annual Income details:-
 Below 3 lac,
 3-5 lac,
 5-10 lac,
 10-15 lac,
 >15 lac
7. What is your sources of Income

A. Primary Source

B. Secondary Source
 Dividend Others Specify
8. Please tick your Occupation
 Private sector service
 Government sector
 Public sector
 Housewife Any other please specify
9. How many dependents do you financially support?
 Between 1-3
10. What is the size of your emergency fund?
 < 1 month income
 1-3 months income
 3-6 months income
 > 6 months income
11. Approx Value of assets held like property, FD, Shares, Mutual Fund etc.
 Below 10 lac,
 10-20 lac,
 20-30 lac,
 30-50 lac,
 >50 lac
12. Market Value of portfolio held
 <3 lacs
 3-5 lacs
 5-10 lacs
 > 10 lacs
13. Please list your major financial obligations and planned expenditures.Present (within the next 2 years)
major (required)

Future (required)
14. What percentage of Annual income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?
 Less than 20%
 20% - 30%
 30% - 50%
 > 50%
15. Investment Experience
 < 1 years
 1-3 years
 >3 years
16. Experience in market products
 Derivatives Stocks
 None of the above
17. What is your experience with equity investments?
 Very less
 No experience
18. What is your experience with Commodity investments?
 Extensive  Moderate
 Very less
 No experience
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